Spine Surgery Atlanta Patients Want You To Know What To Expect

Spine Surgery Atlanta PatientsAnyone who has had spine surgery before knows how you feel, and they have left their imprint on the web to help alleviate your concerns. Those same concerns were once their own, and they want to help inform you about not only what you can do in preparation for the surgery but also while you’re recuperating and rehabilitating. Could you use a little guidance right now?

Anyone would be concerned, I know I would be, but the doctors and surgeons are going to take good care of your spine and make sure that you come out of surgery ready to feel better than before. Recovery is going to require that you be patient of course, and it’s okay because you’ll have people helping you to do what you need to do. Just take it in stride and focus on the building process. You’ll not only build to where you were before, but you’re going to go much further than that.

While you want to ensure you’re getting your exercise, you have to watch what types of movements you make. You’re not going to want to bend, and you definitely don’t want to bend in order to lift anything, even if it’s a feather. Of course, your individual instructions will come from your doctor, and rehabilitation will eventually find you bending! It just has to be after your fusion has healed is all.

It is recommended that you quit smoking, and you also want to make sure you follow a routine of gentle exercises each day, aside from doing your walking and daily moving around. This is the long haul, but it doesn’t have to be something that gets you down. It’s about getting up, it’s about moving around more freely, and this is what it’s going to take.

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